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A profound and transformative body therapeutic process.

A way to reconnect with the body through sexuality, awakening sensory perception and enhancing the power of inhabiting a physical body.

A fundamental experience for self-knowledge, resignification of traumas and connection with the essence of being who you are.

Orgasm Therapy is a process of therapeutic development, which occurs through deep body stimuli.

and lead to new sensations and perceptions of security, affection and pleasure. Re-signifying bodily registers of pain,

inadequacy, suffering, abuse and traumatic episodes.


The session is 2 hours long. At first, let's talk about its history, relationship with the body,

with sexuality and sex life. 

From this, a personalized body work will be developed, which may involve nudity and touching the body.

Everything is discussed and consented. 


Through this work and the feeling of absolute security, the body has the opportunity to surrender to feeling, without rushing or pressure. 

A profound process of self-knowledge, through paths

normally not explored until now. 


Often, in one session the changes already begin to be noticed. However, this becomes even clearer and consolidated in a development process with more sessions. Bringing benefits in all areas of the

life, in their way of being and being in the body.






               For women and people with vulva

          * Contributes to the gain of the body's sensory perception, allowing for greater levels of pleasure;     

          * It helps in the process of acceptance, appropriation of your body; 

          * Helps in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions, vaginismus, penetration pain and lack of libido; 

          * It helps in the process of self-knowledge through the body; 

          * Contributes to gaining autonomy from pleasure;

          * Contributes to gaining tonus in the clitoral structure, increasing irrigation in the region and promoting greater                   orgasmic intensity.


                                            For men and people with a penis

             *  It contributes to the gain of sensory perception of the body, enabling greater levels of pleasure;

            *  Helps in the process of acceptance, appropriation of your body

            *  Helps in the search for contact with real pleasure from the body. Without the need for visual stimuli,                    pornography or other external stimuli;

            *  Helps in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions such as: Lack of erection, premature or delayed                                ejaculation;

            *  Possibility of dry non-ejaculatory orgasms;

            *  Helps to gain tone in the penile structure, increasing irrigation in the region and potency  sensory.             

                                                         Details about the session


           *  It's for everyone. Women and men over 18 years.

           *  It lasts for 2 hours

           *  There is no sexual involvement with the therapist

           *  If there is genital touch on the body part of the session, coconut oil and vinyl gloves will be used 

           *  A single session or a development process with more sessions can be carried out



           Contact us for more information!

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